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Custom Firearm Builds

At Resilient Arms, we provide custom firearm builds, and we can get our customers almost any weapon pre-built upon request .


We pride ourselves on building firearms sourcing our parts only from high end vendors and 100% American made parts. There are a number of high quality vendors who are known for certain qualities in their products.


Radian manufactures great lowers, VSeven has a superior line of light weight cutting edge parts and SLR Rifle works builds incredible handguards. 

Resilient Arms sources the best parts from these vendors and others to build only the highest quality firearms.


Contact us for more information and we will work with you to build the ultimate firearm.


For our wounded/disabled vets and first responders we have set up a special intake process. This allows us to gather information about the person, their wound or disability and together engineer solutions.


Taking care of our vets and first responders is our core mission and we pride ourselves on being able to provide this service of custom firearm builds. 

Custom firearm builds
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Sales & FFL Transfers

FFL Sales/Special Orders:

FFL Transfers:

Resilient Arms does handle FFL dealer transfers, however, 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND your firearm without contacting us first and filling out the required documentation.

FFL transfer fees:

•$50 for any used firearm, or firearm that we do not stock

•$75 for any firearm we have in stock

FFL transfer procedure:

1- Contact us first to make sure the firearm you wish to transfer in is allowed.

(email: [email protected] or call: 253.432.3500)

2- Make your online firearm purchase, or arrange payment to ship your firearm with the transferring FFL dealer.

3- Come to Resilient Arms to fill out required paperwork and pay your transfer fee (be sure to bring with you complete info about the firearm, and contact info for the transferring FFL dealer that will be shipping your firearm).

4- We will then contact the transferring FFL dealer to send them a copy of our license, and arrange shipment of your firearm.

5- When your firearm arrives here we will contact you for pick up



(does not include cost of parts)


Ultrasonic Deep Clean: Starting @ $60

Cosmoline Removal: Starting @ $120


Hourly Rate: $85

Machine Time Hourly Rate: $120

Minimum Charge: $25

Test Fire: $20 plus ammo

Sight Work:

Installation(Handguns): $50

Bore Sight Only: $20

Sight-In on Range: $30 + cost of ammo

Scope Mount and Laser Boresight: $50

Scope Mount and Sight-In on Range: $60 + cost of ammo

Drill and Tap Receiver for Mount: $20 per hole

Install Front/Mid-bead: $20

Install Front Sight Ramp(Brazed/Soldered): $75

Trigger Work:

Revolver: Starting @ $85

1911: Starting @ $100

Rifle Starting @ $75

Install Apex/Zev/PRP Kit: $60

Stock Work:Drill for Sling Swivels: $25/hole

Recoil Pad Install: $80

Glass Bed Action/Barrel Channel: Starting @ $150

Barrel Work:

Recrown/Shorten: Hourly Rate $85/hr

Remove Stuck Casing: Hourly Rate $85/hr

Check Headspace: $30

Make Chamber Casting: $60

Thread Muzzle(AR): $140

resilient arms ar and handgun custom firearm builds

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving Prices 


1 Side $75

2 sides $150

2 sides and top $200

Barrel 1 side(ejection port) $25

Barrel top and side(ejection port) $40

Along Barrel $65

Back Plate $20

Mag Base Plate $25

Magazine $20 

AR/AK Platform:

Trust name and number $35

Image on magwell $40

Full side receiver $150

Full side both sides receiver $250

Hand guard (Along the sides) $150

Hand guard (Logo Only) $40

Buffer tube $40

Dust Cover $25

Charging Handle $25

Long Guns (Not AR’s):

Trust name and number $35

Receiver 1 side $100

Receiver 2 sides $150

Barrel 1 Side $50

Barrel 2 Sides $100

Bolt $25.00


Logos 1 Side $25

Text 1 Side $25

Scales – depend on Material. 

Laser Stipple:

 Glock/Springfield/Smith Polymer Frames

In house patterns $125

Custom Patterns  $250


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