LAW Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter GEN 3 (ARIC Coming Soon) PREORDER


Offering the LAW Tactical as PreOrder to be able to offer the lowest price possible!

The Law Tactical Folding Stock Adapter is designed to be compatible with a wide range of AR-15 and AR-10 rifle set ups. Whether you run a direct impingement or piston gun, this AR folding stock adapter will work, allowing you to build an extremely compact rifle for storage or transportation. No need for a proprietary bolt carrier group or buffer tube, just install on your receiver and you are ready to go. A single button allows you to quickly fold your stock for storage or unfold it for shooting. The Gen 3 Folding Stock Adapter by Law Tactical is a great option for those looking to build an AR that won’t take up much space in the range bag.



Law Tactical’s ARIC, short for AR Internal Carrier, is a drop-in bolt carrier replacement that lets your Law Tactical Gen 3 folding stock adapter-equipped AR run normally with the stock folded up. The dual sprung recoil system and abbreviated bolt carrier mate with the company’s folding stock system to retain the entire bolt carrier group and recoil system forward of the buffer extension tube. To ensure reliability, and to keep the price down, the ARIC uses your existing bolt, cam pin, firing pin, and retaining pin. The resulting gun runs without modification of the gas system thanks to some internal wizardry. Law says the system was tested extensively with .223/5.56/300 AAC calibers, including more than 10,000 rounds through an unaltered, suppressed Mk18 rifle.

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  • CNC machined from 4140 steel
  • Low hinge stays out of the way when charging the weapon
  • Long-lasting durable DLC finish
  • Adjustable hinge tension
  • Set screw to prevent adapter loosening from receiver
  • Quick detach sling attachment point
  • Tool-less bolt carrier extension
  • Replaceable O-rings
  • Housing weight: 8.5 oz.
  • Bolt carrier extension: 2 oz.
  • Adds 1.3” length of pull
  • Includes installation tool, bolt carrier extension, and flange

Designed, built and assembled in the U.S.A. from CNC machined 4140 steel. The adapter does not affect firearm function when unfolded in the standard fire position. The rear portion of the adapter is built to the same specifications as a standard receiver to ensure maximum compatibility. A single point QD sling attachment point is integrated in the adapter, so you can quickly attach your favorite sling.

The hinge, housing, locking lug, and latch are all low-profile to eliminate interference when manipulating your weapon system. The stock adapter also comes with a set screw, so you can tighten it down and prevent the buttstock from loosening. The entire accessory is coated in an extremely durable DLC finish for long-lasting corrosion and wear resistance. It also uses a Mil-Spec buffer retaining pin and replaceable O-rings on the bolt carrier extension to prevent damage in the folded position.

Law Tactical LLC was founded in 2010 and is made up of a team of people with various backgrounds such as United States Secret Service Counter Sniper Team, research and development, and many more. They design, develop, and market tactical equipment and accessories for the AR-15, M-16, and AK-47 and continue to push the boundaries to make these weapon systems more effective on the battlefield and at the range.

Weight 10.5 oz


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