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22LR AR Conversion kit, Bravo Bravo – (3) 25-Round Magazines

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The CMMG 22LR AR Conversion Kit Bravo allows you to quickly convert your AR from 5.56/.223 to 22LR. Simply swap this 22 conversion kit with your rifle’s bolt carrier group, and it will be able to shoot 22LR rounds. As an added bonus, the CMMG 22LR AR Conversion Kit Bravo includes three 25-round magazines. Compatible with most ARs chambered for 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington.



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  • UPC: 815835017150
  • Model #: 22BA651
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Works with most 5.56/.223 rifles
  • Includes (3) 25-round magazines
  • Drop-in conversion kit for easy installation

Note: For best performance use a round style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues and 36 grain plated nose bullets have proven to be the best choice for function.

3 reviews for 22LR AR Conversion kit, Bravo Bravo – (3) 25-Round Magazines

  1. Teresa Poou


  2. Brian Hall (verified owner)

    I received my CMMG 22lr kit and took it to the range today. It ran well with CCI but we did start to get rounds not entering the chamber all the way. If I push forward on the magazine a little then it works fine. The magazines need to be slightly larger so they don’t move in the mag well.

    • Jason DuPuis

      I would dos some searching in the CMMG groups or online forums. Since not all AR’s are the same there could be some fixes or tips on how to address the issue. I’ll do some searching for you.

  3. Brian Hall (verified owner)

    I did run the BCG again today with Gen 3 Black Dog Machine mags and it ran perfectly. The CMMG mags ran with CCI ammo but I have issue with the quality of mags. They do not fit snuggly in the mag well. Other people have had the same issue I had so I do recommend the kit just use the Black Dog machine mags until CMMG corrects the issue.

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